The Greenville City Police Need Your Help!

High-risk, nighttime situations include many things happening at once: commands, covering your suspect, situational awareness, radio communication, handcuffs, illumination. There’s no time for overreaction or mistakes. Help officers be safer and serve safer through SafeReach. How can your officers be sure and capable when their hands are tied? Putting lighting systems on pistols can help free up officers’ hands during critical and life-changing circumstances.

The SafeReach Program

Officers need three items to remain safe: A flashlight, a firearm and a radio. The problem: officers only have two hands! In high-risk, low-light settings, officers need to be able to illuminate their surroundings, communicate effectively and secure the situation. Officers need to be able to quickly and accurately coordinate between their tools, and one of the best solutions for this situation is to have a lighting system that attaches to their firearmsreducing the stress of coordinating between tools. This is where you can help!


Donation Goals

We’re looking to equip 160 Greenville City Police officers with attachable lighting systems. By donating $250 you can help pay for a lighting system for one officer. Our goal is to raise $40,000 for our officers.
(For general donations, click here.)

    For donations above $2,000, please donate by mailing a check made
    out to "Greenville Police Foundation", and note the Safe Reach Program.
    Mail to:
    Greenville Police Foundation
    PO Box 8512
    Greenville, SC 29604
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