30 Apr
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Civilian Employee: Angela Limbaugh

When there is a death in the line of duty there are many small details and tasks that, if left unattended, can adversely affect both public and internal opinions of the department. After the murder of Officer Allen Jacobs, Angela Limbaugh managed and oversaw the 1,500+ letters, cards and gifts submitted to the Jacob’s family through the department.

Throughout a period of six weeks Limbaugh sorted through and maintained the department’s donations records, where she made sure to track, identify and catalogue all donations accordingly. This process ensured the Chief’s ability to respond with a letter of thanks to all those who had made an identifiable donation.

In addition to organizing and streamlining the donation process, Limbaugh coordinated the development and acquisition of the gold cross medals, shadow boxes and the flag presentation cases for the members of Officer Jacob’s family.

To help increase community volunteerism, Limbaugh helped establish the department’s Community Volunteer Team, which is a team of women-volunteers who provide support via various community service organizations. Recently, Limbaugh has served the Ronald McDonald House on multiple occasions and has supported the Crime Stoppers Golf Tournament.

All of these activities and initiatives are in addition to Limbaugh’s routine responsibilities of managing the Greenville Police Department’s office environment and serving as the Chief’s Executive Assistant. Through her work at the Department, Limbaugh continually demonstrates the GPD’s Core Values of conscientiousness, excellence and compassion for the public and for Department employees and their families.