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Greenville Police Foundation Introduces the Hero Games


Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The Greenville Police Foundation, Greenville City Police, and the Community of West Greenville are proud to introduce the first annual HERO games, a community wide field day event dedicated to getting neighborhood children, community members, and police officers to come together for a day of fun.

The HERO Games will take place on Saturday, April 22nd from 11am until 3pm and will be held at the West Greenville Community Center, located at 8 Rochester St. Greenville, SC 29611.

Ken Miller, Chief of the Greenville Police said, “This event is a fun and exciting way for police and community members to come together, to get to better know one another, and to begin to forge relationships that will help make our neighborhoods safer. Even the development of this project was a great collaboration between community and police, and events like this will only help strengthen the relationship.”

When asked about the HERO Games, Patrick Sapp, a member of the Greenville Police Foundation Board and former pro-football player and Clemson star said, “Being a part of this board is something that has been rewarding and exciting at the same time, largely because this is where I feel we can make a huge impact into our communities. There is no doubt that communities around the country, communities like West Greenville, have seen their fair share of community and police incidents happen and we want to ensure that Greenville handles these issues differently. Here, we are a proactive community, not a reactive one. The Hero games was an idea we came up with to allow the community of West Greenville and the police department to start to build personal relationships between community members and police officers, and we feel opportunities and events like this will help minimize the biases we may have and will assist in understanding each other on a personal level. The HERO games will be an opportunity for community and police department members to come together to play and to compete. After all, who doesn’t love a good game of kickball, basketball, or tug of war? And barbeque and good music never hurts.”

The first annual HERO Games is sponsored by several community businesses and organizations including, the City of Greenville, Greenville City Police, the Community of West Greenville, Redhype, the Clemson Alumni Association, and the Tajh Boyd Foundation.