12 Jan
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Greenville Police Foundation Presents a $20,000 Check to City Police for its New Program

The Greenville Police Foundation Board (GPF) presented a $20,000 check to The City Police Department in support of its SafeReach Program, which aims to help better equip officers for their safety.

The GPF created SafeReach to help officers be safer and serve safer in hopes to provide them with lighting systems that attach to their firearms, making it easier for officers to quickly and accurately coordinate between their tools.

Ken Miller, Chief of Police, explains how the lighting systems will allow officers to illuminate and secure their surrounding while still being able to communicate effectively. “High-risk, nighttime situations include many things happening at once — commands, covering your suspect, situational awareness, radio communication, handcuffs, and the lack of illumination,” said Miller. “There’s no time for overreaction or mistakes.”

The generous check will help reach SafeReach’s goal of raising $40,000 to equip 160 officers with the new lighting system. It costs $250 to equip each officer. Learn more or donate now at, greenvillepolicefoundation.org/safereach/.

GPF board member, Stacy Kuper, discusses how beneficial it is to reach the program’s goal. “The continued success of our City is impacted directly by the success of the City Police. The safety of our Residents, Visitors, Venues and, Events impacts the economic development of our City. The Foundation’s mission for providing additional funding for necessary equipment or training to the City Police is very important for that continued success. Sometimes things just can’t wait for an entire budget cycle to get approved and purchased when it comes to safety,” said Kuper.

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