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Mrs. Cynthia Terry NCIC Coordinator

Mrs. Terry is a consistently reliable employee who takes pride in ensuring the department’s NCIC records are maintained accurately and comprehensively. She goes beyond the normal requirements of the job to accomplish these responsibilities. A recent SLED audit of the department’s records exemplifies her high standards. During the audit, the reviewing agent remarked about the quality of our files and how they exceeded state and national standards. The SLED agent requested to use GPD an example for other agencies. In May, Greenville Police Department received our audit summary letter indicating our continuing compliance with state standards.

Mrs. Terry eagerly seeks out opportunities for development. She is interested in improving processes and developing an enterprise NCIC solution that expands roles across the communications center that encourage other center employees to participate. When questions arise about NCIC, she works one-on-one with employees. Mrs. Terry has always been a staunch advocate for public safety and ensuring the safety of our first responders.

Mrs. Terry exemplifies the Greenville Police Department’s core values of conscientiousness, excellence, and integrity. She has taken stewardship of the department’s NCIC program, is responsive to and knowledgeable about the program, and is highly competent and capable as she performs her assignments.

An eighteen year employee of the department, Mrs. Terry began her career as a communications specialist. She has also served as a communications shift supervisor prior to assuming her current role as NCIC Coordinator.