30 Sep
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Officer Andrew League

Officer Andrew League has been with the department for only two and a half years, but has already made an impact within the community. He is an example of true compassion, acting as a role model for the children he meets.

Kids within his beat automatically run to greet Officer League when they see his patrol car in their community. He always takes the time to get out of his patrol car to socialize, throw a football, be a friend, and to ask them about their day. This summer, he and the neighborhood kids demonstrated their creativity; they held (and recorded) their own version of the Olympics, which turned out to be a huge hit. Officer League recently worked with a group of children to hold a successful car wash to earn money for their school supplies.

Officer League has befriended a little boy who has neuroblastoma, a type of brain cancer. He is devoted to his young best friend, visiting him at the hospital and participating in two special fundraising dances.

Officer Andrew League exemplifies the compassion, kindness, and courage that make the Greenville Police Department proud.