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Officer Christopher McCart

Greenville Police Officers Phillip Brown and Christopher McCart joined the Greenville Police Department in the summer of 2015. After graduating from the police academy and field training, they were assigned to the 150 Platoon and frequently found themselves patrolling an area with a quantity of nuisance, trespassing, and disorderly conduct complaints. Concerned with the prevalence of homeless and transient people involved in these calls, Officers Brown and McCart began reviewing the Department’s Strategic Plan for guidance. Using both on- and off-duty time, they engaged in problem-oriented policing, researching current and emerging law enforcement approaches to homelessness.  They outlined the problem, identified potential solutions, and provided their supervisor with a written summary concerning homelessness and transient-related issues in their area of the City.

This type of effort, from realization and identification of a problem to assuming ownership and taking action, demonstrates our department’s core values of courage and collaboration. Officers Brown and McCart confronted a difficult socio-economic issue and are striving to influence change in the lives of people within our community. Realizing their response requires a larger team of experts, they have identified collaborators – other police, social services, and mental health professionals – to assist in resolving crime and disorder concerns. Officers Brown and McCart continue to refine an action plan that will positively benefit the greater Greenville community.