08 Nov
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Officer Thomas Moore

Officer Thomas Moore is a highly motivated training officer who is dedicated to quality recruit officer training. He balances limitations with appropriate challenges, using the philosophy “I give them as much as they can handle… and then I give them a little more.” Certified as a Field Training Officer in June 2016, Officer Moore has adapted to his role quickly, grasping concepts that often take much longer for training officers to learn, including when to allow the recruit officer to take control versus when to step in; how to be observant for errors; and how to evaluate, critique, and train according to the learning style of each recruit.

Officer Moore commands respect from recruit officers while encouraging questions and feedback. Although he is strict in his grading and evaluation, he is seen as fair in his assessments. His recruits have complimented him for allowing them to take the lead, while providing appropriate support and direction where needed. While training with Officer Moore, two recruits have made twenty-nine arrests, investigated fifteen traffic collisions, and completed a total of forty incident reports, including DUI, auto theft, domestic violence, larceny, methamphetamine possession, malicious damage, autobreaking, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, burglary, child neglect, child abuse, shoplifting, and trespass notices.

Officer Thomas Moore has quickly become a well-respected member of the Field Training Officer rotation. His work ethic embodies the department’s core values of collaboration, fairness, and excellence. A member of the 250 Platoon, Officer Moore has been with the Greenville Police for three and a half years.