Meet Chief Ken Miller

Ken Miller joined the Greenville Police Department as Chief of Police in September 2014.  He has focused on understanding, developing and enhancing police-community relationships in Greenville, and on improving functional performance of the department.  Through his efforts to improve operations, community outreach, collaborative problem solving and accountability, Miller has revamped the department’s mission, vision and values, and he has overhauled disciplinary and policy management processes, restructured operations to improve community focus and responsiveness, and enhanced training to equip employees with the capabilities to manage delicate relationships, situations and problems.

Chief Miller is finalizing a strategic plan to guide the department’s work over the next five years, including the implementation of a priority offender management program to reduce recidivism among serious and chronic offenders and a multi-pronged strategy to reduce gang membership and related crime. Chief Miller is also creating a mediation program to improve outcomes for police-community conflicts, and he is restructuring patrol operations to increase efficiency and provide greater opportunity for engaging communities and solving problems.


Serving as Greensboro PD’s chief from September 2010 through August 2014, Miller is widely credited with stabilizing the Greensboro PD by redeveloping its disciplinary process and enhancing its crime reduction focus and accountability throughout the organization. He dramatically improved community outreach and satisfaction.  He also developed a complaint mediation process to better resolve police/community conflict.

Chief Miller implemented a GPS offender management program that greatly reduced recidivism among serious and repeat offenders. Miller also developed the North Carolina DNA Consortium, which enables cross-agency comparisons of DNA profiles and helps the department inexpensively and quickly solve crimes that the state laboratory cannot process.

In 2013, Miller led the first large-agency implementation of body-worn cameras of all field officers. The Chief is also a founding organizer of the Greensboro Police Foundation and has provided executive leadership in developing the Guilford County Family Justice Center, which addresses family violence and abuse.  Under his leadership, the crime rate in Greensboro fell from its highest point in 2008 to a crime level lower than the rates in 1976.

Prior to joining Greensboro, Chief Miller was a 21-year veteran of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, where he rose from patrol officer to Deputy Chief.  During his tenure, he helped consolidate the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Police Departments, implemented state of the art mobile data communications, developed custom Internal Affairs case management system software, conceived the first GPS-based electronic monitoring offender management program, and developed an 11-year $88M master facilities plan for the organization.


Chief Miller has a Master of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has published two police management articles through the Bureau of Justice Assistance and Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Additionally, Chief Miller has presented a variety of training programs and lectures at the IACP, PERF, CALEA and other policing conferences throughout the past ten years. He serves as the First Vice President of the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association (2016), on the IACP Training and Pre-Trial Reform Committees, the Clemson University MBA Advisory Committee and the United Way Board of Trustees for Greenville County. He has served as Vice President of the North Carolina Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities.