Our Initiatives

The initiatives listed below are representative of the types of projects the Greenville City Police Department is aiming to accomplished. Donations provided to the Greenville Police Foundation will directly fund these initiatives, among others. For information on current initiatives please contact the Foundation directly.

Promote prevention and suppression of crime through advanced analytics, and predictive and mapping software

Implement situational awareness/emergency management technologies to better manage
significant public or catastrophic events, and
active shooter or mass casualty situations
(GPS locators for vehicles/personnel,
street/facility/aerial video integration,
social media monitoring tools,
integrated in portal environment)

Expansion of DNA collection and analysis capabilities to solve and suppress violent and property crimes

Enhancing technologies to support investigations into human trafficking and Internet crimes against children

Develop link-analysis tools to identify criminal offender networks and support prosecutions at state and federal levels

Development of GPS electronic monitoring program to manage serious offenders in our community/reduce recidivism

Electric motorcycles to quietly/efficiently patrol the Swamp Rabbit Trail and parks

Solar powered emergency phones on trails and parks to facilitate safety