A police foundation is a non-profit entity that works to support the needs of a police department budget when funding falls short. There are over a hundred police foundations in the United States and the list of communities and agencies with police foundations is growing. Jurisdictions of all sizes, geographic locations, and budgets have joined in these ventures, resulting in safer cities.

Foundations Can Be Expected To:

  • Promote excellence in local police departments by providing resources not otherwise available from traditional sources
  • Provide grants to purchase equipment, provide specialized training, encourage professional development, recognize employee valor, promote wellness, engage consultants, and perform independent studies and program evaluation
  • Be powerful allies of police departments and their programs through advocacy efforts of members of their board of directors
  • Support programs, initiatives and projects that are strategically focused to complement the department’s policing strategies
  • Provide private sector support that contributes to the development of an innovative, technologically-advanced police force that engages with the community
  • Serve as a conduit for the business and private sectors to support the Police Department through monetary aid, services, and goods