16 Jan
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Greenville Police Foundation Raising Money for Gun Light Kits

By Brianna Smith

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville Police Foundation is looking for donations to help purchase light kits for police officers’ service weapons.

The city just approved purchasing around 200 new service weapons for Greenville officers that will replace the two-decade-old guns.

With those new guns, the department hopes to add a light kit. The kit comes with a gun mount, flashlight, and holster. The kit allows officers to keep a free hand for the radio, body camera, or other issues during high-stress situations.

Today the foundation presented the police department with $20,000, which is half of their goal. The department can’t purchase the kits until they have the full amount.

The foundation is asking the public to sponsor an officer for $250 which covers the cost of the entire light kit.

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