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Officer in Training Blake Sharp

On July 28, 2016, Officer Isaac Ford and Officer in Training Blake Sharp responded to an apartment complex to check the welfare of a resident. The apartment complex staff had been unable to reach the female resident, who was scheduled to vacate the premises; her vehicle was parked in the complex and a strong odor emanated from the apartment.

A staff member was able to provide access to the apartment. As soon as the door opened, Officer Sharp could smell the odor of ammonia and immediately called for EMS. The female resident was located in her bedroom floor, unresponsive. Officer Sharp noted that the unconscious female had a blue complexion; cyanosis around her lips and nailbeds; and was exhibiting agonal breathing. Opiates were lying on the nightstand, along with a suicide note.

Having been certified to administer naloxone for opioid overdoses, Officer Sharp utilized the first Narcan injector. After approximately six minutes without a response, he administered a second Narcan injector. Within minutes of the second injection, the female responded to a sternal rub and began to gag. She was quickly transported to the hospital by emergency medical services for additional treatment.

Officer in Training Sharp demonstrated our department’s core values of courage and conscientiousness in his response to this victim. He was willing to take immediate action, demonstrating proficiency in actively managing a serious medical emergency until higher-level emergency responders arrived. As a result, Officer Sharp is selected as an employee of the month.