20 Jul
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Sergeant Ed Irick, Community Response Team

For the past eighteen months, Sergeant Ed Irick has led the Community Response Team with energy, dedication and wisdom, addressing crime, drug and disorder problems, and initiating ways to better connect with our at-risk youth population.

As painful as it was to lose one of his officers in the line of duty this past March, Sergeant Irick stood tall as a leader, eulogizing Officer Allen Jacobs and helping his team move through a most difficult time. His team believes in him and trusts him implicitly.

Most recently, he successfully applied for a Greenville Women’s Giving grant to support the expansion of Cops on the Court, securing $63,000 to grow the program from Pleasant Valley to Nicholtown, and bringing an important mentoring and outreach program to this community. He also supervised and helped coordinate the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program at Sterling Elementary School, a week-long youth mentoring program that paired our youth with professionals from public and private institutions and professional and collegiate sports. To support that program, he enlisted several key partners from various public, private and religious institutions, and secured a grant from the Rotary Club of Greenville Evening.

Sergeant Irick’s efforts consistently exemplify the Police Department’s core values, including Collaboration, Creativity, Compassion, Conscientiousness and Excellence. He knows a good idea when he sees it. He brings people together and motivates them to action. He pays attention to the many details necessary for success, executes flawlessly, and truly cares about the communities we serve. His pattern and practice of excellence, in all he does for our department and community, make him our June employee of the month.

Sergeant Ed Irick currently serves as a Crisis Negotiation Team leader, and is working on his Master’s degree.