The Mission and Vision of the Greenville Police Foundation

At the Greenville Police Foundation, we are striving to create a safe city that is good for business, for our community and for our future. Our Foundation seeks to find ways to support and influence police department success, as police services are critical to community safety, quality of life and economic success. We fully support the Greenville Police Department’s mission of “collaborating with our community to prevent crime, promote safety and enhance quality of life for our residents, workers and visitors,” and their core goals listed below.

Greenville Police Department Core Values

The Greenville Police Foundation is committed to following a set of core values that will ensure united efforts as we work towards commonly identified goals. These core values demonstrate the intrinsic benefits of living the value system we have put in place. It is our hope, as a foundation, that these values transform our organization into one that serves our community, enhances their trust in us and helps us achieve our mission and vision as a public service organization.


Desired Outcomes: Demonstrated high levels of competence

Behavioral Expectations: Goal oriented, trained and educated, innovative, team player, coaching, empowerment

Personal Benefit: Focus on improvement leads to personal and professional excellence


Desired Outcomes: Inspire action and change

Behavioral Expectations: Intentionality, urgency, willingness to confront/challenge

Personal Benefit: Strength, influencing change, being heard


Desired Outcome: Solve or mitigate complex problems

Behavioral Expectations: Understanding, experimentation, evaluation

Personal Benefit: Challenge, ability to influence outcomes, making a difference


Desired Outcomes: Being equitable and impartial

Behavioral Expectations: Respect individuals and differences, decisions are made without malice, prejudice, or personal bias

Personal Benefit: Confidence, reduced anxiety; open mindedness; build police legitimacy


Desired Outcomes: High performance, public satisfaction with service

Behavioral Expectations: Owns actions, initiates, responsive, knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring, communicates clearly and frequently in a timely manner

Personal Benefit: Accomplishment, influencing organizational behavior, ability to make a difference


Desired Outcomes: Advocacy, empathy, understanding, trust

Behavioral Expectations: Community involvement, support, concern for well-being of others

Personal Benefit: Humanity, empathy, and dignity


Desired Outcomes: Earned trust/confidence from employees and public

Behavioral Expectations: Honesty, truthfulness, humility, stewardship, respect

Personal Benefit: Pride, healthy conscience, doing the right thing


Desired Outcomes: Promote team environment and response

Behavioral Expectations: Coordination, cooperation, support, active engagement

Personal Benefit: Achievement, identity